We make unique gaming experiences that we ourselves want to play. We invite you to enjoy these games with us.

About Improx Games

Improx Games Oy is a Finnish game development studio founded in 2016 by five students. Originally we were a group of students and old friends who liked to hold private game jams. We are passionate about keeping our games unique and interesting. In Spring 2016 our first large project - Trimmer Tycoon - got through Steam Greenlight.

To contact us: our social media or contact@improxgames.com



In a great team everybody should be able to influence a bit of everything, but individual strengths are still crucial.


We post updates and sneak-peek images and videos on Twitter.


@oskiii_ Oskari Liukku:

Everybody works faster when he's in the room. His feedback is hard to swallow, but you know it's useful. Doesn't drink coffee. Grinds his way through achievements in WoW to be able to fly in a virtual world.


@miikaart Miika Kanerva:

Chief Diablo Officer, which means 2D art and design.



@samarinmax Max Samarin:

Prefers instant coffee. Spends most of his time without a shirt on. Pretends to be a musician but still uses stock Garage Band samples. A legendary idea-generator.

@thyjukki Jussi Joki:

Chief Gaming Officer. Programming and design.


Lauri Lappalainen:

Chief Virtual Reality Officer. Programming and design.